Welcome to Love Cynthia!


Where all things are inspired by happy moments;

hand-made, heart-crafted and hand-picked with so much love, in France. 


"I believe that the best thing in arts is its imperfections. Art, or any piece created lovingly by hand, is a reflection of the heart and soul of the artist and it clearly speaks of her individuality, and even these flaws and imperfections that define her as a human being." - Cynthia Renard


Cynthia is creating a life in a suburb in Paris. She do her art and craft every weekend.

She developed a style which allows her to produce illustrations that are brimming with love and happiness.

Everything has a unique touch of girliness and a sweet collection of femininity.

Her work is characteristically fun, clean, sweet... Inspired by happy moments and her childhood memories.




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My name is Cynthia Renard.

I doodle, I create happy things, I daydream, and it's awesome!

I am the person behind all the artsy fartsy and girly things you can find here.

I design stamps and stickers, and do custom illustrations...

Now I am sharing these little goodies to you too!

I hope you'll love them as much as I loved creating them.


Let's be friends!

Let's celebrate love, life and creativity... And appreciate life's little pleasures! x



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